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  • Program
Waldorf-Inspired Arts Enrichment
Lively Arts Homeschool is a one day per week program providing arts enrichment and social interaction for homeschool students. Students experience classes in Spanish, Art, Performing Arts, Games, Handwork, Cooking, and more, depending on grade level.
  • Free Curriculum
Curriculum, Support & Training
Although the Lively Arts program does not instruct students in academic subjects, we are proud to provide our families with Waldorf Essentials curriculum at no cost. Families using the curriculum also have access to support and training provided by the professional coaches at Waldorf Essentials and all families are invited to periodic homeschooling seminars throughout the year.
  • Celebrations
Throughout the year, the program celebrates several Waldorf-inspired festivals. In the Fall, we celebrate Candlemas, Michaelmas, and Harvest Festival and participate in Lantern and Spiral of Light Walks. In the Spring, we celebrate Grandparents/Elder's Day, and the semester culminates in our May Faire celebration.
  • Field Trips
Field Trips
Students have the opportunity to attend several field trips throughout the school year. Past destinations have included plays and musicals, museums, arts workshops, and urban adventures. Families are also typically invited on a campout to celebrate the end of the year.