Pentathlon Brings Ancient Greece to Life for Fifth Graders  

All across North America during the months of April and May Waldorf schools gather fifth graders for the annual Pentathlon. This rewarding tradition gives student athletes a day of social interaction, as well as, an once in a lifetime experience of Greek history.

Over 200 students gather in April for the annual Colorado Frontrange Pentathlon hosted by Mountain Phoenix.  Students from Mountain Phoenix are joined by students from three Colorado Waldorf community schools –  Juniper Ridge: Grand Junction, Mountain Song: Colorado Springs and Mountain Sage: Ft. Collins. The community of fifth graders from all the schools are mixed and sorted in to four to five city-state groups for the event.

The Pentathlon is an event that comprises five athletic components and features the following ancient Olympic events:

  • Long Jump
  • Javelin
  • Discus
  • Sprint (60 meters)
  • Wrestling

During Games and Movement class, Lively Arts students learn about Greek history and culture, and train for the five Pentathlon events.

In the Greek culture beauty was held as all-important. The clarity of beautiful speech in oration; the making of daily objects –vases, cups, wall paintings; the human form in athletic competitions – all of these were of great import as the people of Greece judged excellence.

In Waldorf Pentathlons this characteristic of beautiful form is paramount. It is not how fast, how far or how superior your results are athletically, but how you look, behave, and perform while giving your best.