New Students


Jeffco Public Schools offers “Choice Enrollment” — a student from any district can apply to attend any Jeffco school that has space available. In order to participate in the Lively Arts Homeschool at MPCS, students may not be enrolled in any other public-funded online academy or homeschool program. 

The Lively Arts HomeSchool at Mountain Phoenix Community School offers a one-day per week publicly-funded arts enrichment program for homeschoolers in Kindergarten through eighth grade.


  • Enrollment is open through start of school in August. Applications are processed as they are received.
  • If you plan to return to your same school or move up to your next level neighborhood school, simply call or email your school and let them know.
  • If you accept a waitlist offer, any previously accepted offer is automatically void to allow other students the spot if needed.

 Easy Steps for New Students to apply for enrollment in the MPCS Lively Arts HomeSchool Program

  1. Parents of new or prospective students need to create a Jeffco Connect account:

  2. Use EnrollJeffco ( to apply to Mountain Phoenix Community School.

Questions about enrollment? Go to

Final registration for the Lively Arts HomeSchool is completed in August prior to the start of school.

Lively Arts Materials Fees
We know that when a family makes the decision to homeschool, that decision comes with sacrifice and often that includes a financial sacrifice. The Governing Council of MPCS recently approved a reduction in the annual materials fee from $75 to $45 per student and also approved the elimination of the one-time registration fee of $50 for new students.

*Materials fees do not include the purchase or rental of band and orchestra instruments and assigned method books.

According to Colorado State Law (CRS 22-32-117) these fees are mandatory. Waivers of these fees are granted for students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch under the National Income Poverty Guidelines. If other hardship conditions exist, please contact the business office.  This information is kept strictly confidential.

Final registration and fee payment is completed in August prior to the start of school.