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Lively Arts - Online
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We provide everything you need for a great school year!

Our online program provides students with blended live online classes and anytime lessons, plus the opportunity to participate in field trips, festivals and family events at the brick and mortar school location.

You will receive the complete Waldorf Essentials Curriculum, along with both online and live support for you as the teacher.

We also provide all the supplies and materials for your child/ren to participate in the Lively Arts lessons which includes, art, music, Spanish, handwork, games and movement and other exciting activities and projects.
Anytime Lessons

All lessons and activities are pre-recorded, allowing your child to login when and where it works for your family. The fun and engaging online lessons as well as off-line activities, experiments, and project ideas will keep your child active and engaged.
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Live Lessons

You get a break from teaching with our weekly on-line live classes. Your child will gather with the teacher and fellow students from across Colorado in a live class. Children look forward to the time when they can see their friends and be with their teacher.
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Throughout the year, the program celebrates several Waldorf-inspired festivals. In the Fall, we celebrate Candlemas, Michaelmas, and Harvest Festival and participate in Lantern and Spiral of Light Walks. In the Spring, we celebrate Grandparents/Elder's Day, and the semester culminates in our May Faire celebration.
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Field Trips

Students have the opportunity to attend several field trips throughout the school year. Past destinations have included plays and musicals, museums, arts workshops, and urban adventures. Families are also typically invited on a campout to celebrate the end of the year.
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