Grades 1 & 2

Grades 1 and 2  are often combined and are all core classes during the day – meaning that the students all have the same subjects together and stay together with the teacher throughout the day – with visits from the Special Subjects teachers.

Included in the day are:


Tea Time



Games and Movement

Vocal Music

Outside play

Storytime and puppets



The greatest strength of the Moveable Classroom is that it encourages in young students’ qualities that traditional classrooms suppress- movement.

At the Lively Arts HomeSchool we have a Moveable Classroom for first and second grade. The building blocks of a Moveable Classroom are comfortable cushions and multipurpose benches, tall and wide enough to be used as tables or benches and light enough to be arranged and rearranged according to the activity.

One of the most exciting features is that the benches become balance beams when flipped over.  In addition to the wonderful effects of integrating movement more smoothly and consistently in the classroom, the backless benches will encourage better postural control in the children.