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Frequently Asked Questions

Students attend the program one day per week. They are assigned either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday based on availability.
Students attend from 9:00am - 3:15pm.
Students are assigned to attend either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday based on availability.
Students are grouped based on age and grade. Typically, we have Kindergarten, Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4, and Grades 5-8 grouped but this is subject to change based on the situation.
Students must have reached the age of 5 by October 1st of the current school year to attend our kindergarten classes.
Students must be 6 years old by May 31st of the current year to attend 1st grade in the fall.
For the 2022-23 school year, the program starts on August 17, 2022, and ends on May 19, 2022.
Students have the opportunity to attend several field trips throughout the school year. Past destinations have included plays and musicals, museums, arts workshops, and urban adventures. Families are also typically invited on a campout to celebrate the end of the year.
The program is tuition-free. Families need only pay a $65 materials fee per student.
Yes, any student living in Colorado may participate.
If the other program is funded by the state of Colorado, no. Students may only be enrolled in one state-funded program.
What is the Waldorf Philosophy?
The Steiner-Waldorf philosophy of education is that there is no end to human knowledge, or to what a learner can discover. In this context, Waldorf-inspired learning does not focus on potential, because potential is actually a limiting factor in student growth and achievement. The Steiner-Waldorf philosophy of education focuses on the whole child. It strives to facilitate the spiritual and artistic development of students. Most importantly, the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy of education considers both logic and emotion to be integral components of learner development.

What are the benefits of a Waldorf HomeSchool program? The intimate communal nature of our program allows us to effectively implement some important facets of Waldorf inspiration. All the specialties can be guided and inspired by the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy of education, particularly the components that are most universal, including:
    1. Regular learning in the out of doors
    1. Gardening Seasonal celebrations
    1. Circle seating, eye to eye level
    1. A focus on the arts at all ages and across the curriculum
    1. Gatherings of the whole program including parents/caregivers and siblings
    1. Hand-work,” i.e. cooking, sewing, knitting, building, and gardening
    1. A focus on core values that tie directly into daily activities
    1. A particular focus on gratitude
    Nurturing Imagination: Folk and fairy tales, fables, and legends are integrated throughout the Waldorf curriculum. This can include literary selections in concert with high school expectations, but that still emphasize development of creativity and imagination.
Yes. Unless you request otherwise, all students in your family will be placed on the same day of attendance.
Yes! This is one of the many benefits of homeschooling. We simply ask that you inform us of your plans and call in any unexpected absences for attendance tracking purposes.
After one year in the Lively Arts program, students are given priority over other Jeffco residents if they would like to apply to the regular school during the Enroll Jeffco lottery process.
We are in the planning stages for additional offerings to our students. More information will be forthcoming!
Under our charter with Jeffco Public schools, as a supplemental Homeschool enrichment program, we are unable to provide intervention support for our students who have Individual Education Plans (IEP) and need support with reading and math intervention, counseling, speech therapy, or occupational therapy.

We can provide resources and contact information to parents who are seeking these services outside of the school. For families with children from birth to age five, you can find information on the Colorado Department of Education website section - Child Find. www.cde.state.co.us/early/childfind.