COVID-19 Updates

Update 8-10-2020

As a school and enrichment program guided by the Core Principles of of Public Waldorf Education, we are committed to Core Principle #5, Human Relationships. In the Lively Arts HomeSchool program we know that the best enrichment experience occurs when students can come together in groups to learn and grow.

And the “best” model for that experience is the one that has the greatest chance of keeping our teachers, staff,  students and family members safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to that experience; however, the strength of our community and commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of each member remains steadfast.

As we have come to discover, there are no “experts” providing the perfect solutions for returning to school and no definitive answers for the many questions regarding best practices for the safe and healthy return to school. Planning for our return to the HomeSchool program in the fall and determining the most beneficial model has been considered within the context of state/local COVID-19 transmission rates.

HomeSchool Grades K-8:  will start Tuesday, September 8 with a Remote Learning Model

We continue to see our role as a partner who comes along side of you as you educate your children at home. We want to remain that trusted partner who can support and supplement the curriculum you provide to your children with parent education, community, enriching activities, resources and supplies.

Plans toward a gradual, phased reopening for increased in-person learning at school will be developed based on established public health criteria and our ability to implement a plan that we believe allows our staff and students to return safely. Families wishing to continue in a fully remote learning environment will have that option.